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What’s in it for you?

* Value, Value & More Value

* Film, Upload, and Study

* Create a Player Profile

* Upload Games Directly to One Pass Away (Up to 3 Games per month for FREE)

* Exposure to colleges of all levels seeking talent!!!



What’s in it for you?

* One Pass Away is geared to provide you VALUE! In the process, we will save you and your staff money and time. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to be everywhere! The recruiting process is ultra competitive and everyone is looking for an EDGE!

* Your staff has access 24/7 from all electronic devices, even during the many dead and closed periods

* One Pass Away has opened up the playing fields for all levels D1, D2, D3, NAIA, & JUCO, everyone has access to the same games


One Pass Away is a video service for athletic recruiting that allows college coaches to trust their own eyes in the ultra-competitive recruiting process. It’s a cost and time effective recruiting tool that elevates every athletic program regardless of playing level. Our service, gives coaches a distinct advantage during this process especially during the many closed and dead periods of the Spring & Summer. One Pass Away allows you to stay current on who’s hot, who’s not, and access to those once before unnoticeable hidden gems who are now blossoming before your eyes.

Our suite of full games will equip you and your staff with everything that you need to makes a true and honest assessment of the players you are recruiting.

Rankings and Scouting Reports are great resources, but Film doesn’t lie…

*NCAA Approved

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